Metallino Utility Set

Metallino cookwares are made from HINDALCO s food grade aluminium. Utility set comed with a hard anodised kadahi and Nonstick Flat griddle. This combo makes day to day cooking very easy.Hard anodised makes them hygeinic, durable and long lasting in use. Ideal for deep fying, making Dals, and a regular in all kitchen.Deep Kadais are rewitted with strong Steel Handle for comfortable holding and a Lid. Comes with 24 months warranty.Anodised cookwares are non reactive with food and scratch resistant.Nonstick helps use of less oil consumption. Flat Tawas are ideal for Dosas, Uttapams, Cutlets, making eggs, etc. Tawas are fitted with ergonomically designed handles for comfortable holding. comes with 12 months available.