(A) Instructions for durability and good performance of cookware 

1) On first use season the pan by sprinkling it with cooking oil or butter, warm it for 1 minute. Clean it with soap water and dry it. Now it is ready for use.

2) Cook on low and medium flame only to preserve coating, using minimum oil.

3) Avoid over heating empty pan to preserve the coating.

4) Avoid using sharp objects like knifes, folks, with sharp edges for cleaning, instead use wood, plastic spatulas to ensure long life.

5) After use, let the pan to cool down completely and then clean the pan with soap water and scrub with a sponge or nylon scrubber.

6) In case over-cooked particles are found on the pan surface, soak it with soapy water for 10-15 minutes and scrub it with a wooden spatula.

7) Do not use the nonstick pans foe deep frying.

8) Food should never be stored in the pans and to be removed, cleaned regularly.

9) Donot place the hot pans in cool water as this can damage the pan to go out of shape.

10) Avoid cleaning of pans in equipments like dish washers etc.

11) Induction base cookwares are recommended to be used on inductions cook tops only.

12) Use on LPG stoves can damage the plate to detach itself from the pan and the pan can go out of shape.

13)Hard Anodised Cookwares allows you to use metal spatulas but do not hit he pan or its rim with the metal spoons.

14)Nonstick Cookwares are scratch resistant nonstick cookware and not a scratch proof.

(B) Instructions for durability and good performance of Pressure cooker 

1) Do not place the cooker in an heated oven, or dry heat the cooker.

2) Always check the vent tube before use: the hole should not be blocked.

3) When the normal operating pressure is reached, turn the heat down so all the liquid, which creates the stream does not evaporate.

4) Do not open the cooker untill all the pressure has been released and the weight valve has been removed.

5) Clean the gasket after use to avoid food left over the gasket and hung up.

6) The cooker cooks under pressure, improper use may result in injury. Check the lid is properly closed.

7) Do not use this cooker for other than intented use or for pressure frying with oil.

8) Avoid washing cooker in a dish washer.

9) Always check the pressure release devices for clogging before use.